12 Pubs Of Christmas

We had to didn’t we?! Ma Nolan’s are bringing the tradition of the very festive 12 PUBS OF CHRISTMAS to Nice.

And our 12 pubs are now confirmed!

They include (in no particular order)

Ma Nolan’s Irish Pub, Nice Port

Ma Nolan’s Irish Pubs, Vieux Nice

Le Bateleur

Paddy’s Bar

Snug and Cellar



Les Distilleries Idéales

Wayne’s Bar

Le Blue Whales

Darwin Cocktail Bar

King’s Pub Nice

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or you’re just not Irish enough to have heard of this event, here are the rules:

You start in Ma Nolan’s Nice Port, where you sign up for FREE to receive a map and details of the 12 pubs on your route. Hint: You’re standing in number 1 – get yourself a pint and get ahead of the game! You have to sign up between 17h00 and 20h00 to register yourself for the challenge! Ooh, happy hour prices!

You will then visit the remaining 11 pubs, where you will indulge in a drink of your choice (no soft drinks obviously, that caveat is there for the French). When you finish your pint,

demi, glass of wine (for the hardcore) or G&T (for all the mams taking part), you will get your ticket stamped by the barman and move on to the next pub. EASY!

You have until midnight to complete the first 11 pubs and make it to the 12th – Ma Nolan’s Vieux Nice – where you will be rewarded for your hard earned efforts with a FREE PINT!

FESTIVE FUN AKIMBO LADS! Grab your drinking buddies, get dressed up as something Christmassy and join us.

There will be drinks discounts and probably some cheeky rules along the way, all will be posted, sign up to the event to keep informed!