Born in Ireland some generations ago, Thady Nolan moved to Nice as a computer engineer in April, 2002. Being a convivial barfly by night, Thady observed the Nice night life and quickly realised that something was lacking: A fully fledged Irish bar, without the clichés, but with wide screens for all sports fanatics, live music and a real Sunday roast on the menu. The idea of opening such a place began to germinate.

Finding the venue was the first hurdle. Thady spent months looking around Nice, always drawn back to the old town for its atmosphere and authenticity. The day he walked into the building now known as Ma Nolan’s (Vieux Nice), he knew it was right: The vaulted ceilings, fantastic architecture, lots of space, and of course – location, location, location!

Several factors were to make the process difficult; the existing owner was constantly changing his mind, Thady had no previous bar experience, and the bank weren’t easy to convince that he was a sound investment. Only true Irish stubbornness, perseverance and a few real friends, who entrusted Thady with their hard earned cash, and a certain Christophe Souques, allowed him to realise his dream.

A good catholic boy, Thady decided to name the bar for his ‘Ma’ back home and in June 2005, the first Ma Nolan’s (Vieux Nice) opened its doors.

In a relatively short time, Ma Nolan’s now has three thriving pubs, a formidable reputation and a strong crowd of regular customers as well as a huge influx of tourists in the summer months. Both Nice bars and now Ma Nolan’s Cannes, are imposing and impressive on first entry. The design and decor give the bars a typically Irish feel with wooden flooring and high bar counters. Wide screen TV’s project all the events on the sports calendar, food is served all day and live music plays every night. Come and have a pint and see for yourself!